It’s Official! Melania Just Made White House History With Shock Announcement She Made

Melania Trump currently is still overseas on her first presidential trip and just used her time in Italy to make a shocking personal announcement about something she could no hide anymore.

She is the only First Lady ever in the White House to disclose what she did, hours after emerging from the hospital where she felt she needed to bring her secret out into the public.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, The First Lady recently began doing in the states has since carried on overseas, leading to an unbelievable miracle revealed just hours after leaving a children’s hospital in Rome. Melania is known like quiet, private person, that she is and respected for. So, there are some personal details of Melania not known to the public but that’s recently changed after what ended up being a more religious trip to Italy than a political one.

Melania has a new habit of visiting sick children in hospitals at home and abroad, making a point to spend time at one in every country she visits on this week-long trip.

“Upon landing in Belgium, I learned a young boy and his family who had been waiting for a heart transplant was informed that the hospital has found a donor. I read a book and held hands with this special little one just a few hours ago, and now my own heart is filled with joy over this news.” the First Lady declared in a statement.

Her love of children is palpable in the pictures that come from these visits and now we know that there’s a much deeper reason for that. It is visibly that her heart is truly with these children who she cares deeply for, which is something that the hateful left can’t fathom feeling for strangers.

The First Lady is a blessing to our nation and we are lucky to have a First Lady of faith in the White House who uses her trust and belief in God to bless others.

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