Marine’s 12-Year-Old-Son Stops A Suicide Bomber With A BB Gun

Nathan Mallard’s father has been teaching him mixed martial arts, marksmanship and patriotism since he could walk. Gunnery Sgt. Donald Mallard, the boy’s father, says he’s proud of the young man his son had become long before he also became the hero who saved thousands of lives.

Nathan was with his friends at a local outdoor shopping center in Duluth, Minnesota when they noticed a pair of middle-eastern looking men acting suspiciously. Nathan described them later to police:

“They were walking back and forth from their car looking real nervous like they weren’t sure about something. They looked like they were sweating and it’s loike 30 degrees outside, They looked wrong.”

That’s when Nathan saw one of the men grab a vest from the trunk and put it on under his jacket. “I thought it was a suicide vest right away,” the boy said, “I could see a wire with a button. I was afraid.”

Nathan then did what he promised his father he would never do: he unstrapped the bb gun rifle from his bike frame, pumped it ten times and took aim at a human being. “I had one shot to get it right,” he told our reporter:

“I aimed for his eye. I hit him dead on. When he curled over his friend hopped in the car and took off. We gave the tag number to the cops.”

The boys ran toward the grounded terrorist shouting, “HE HAS A BOMB!” The man stayed on his knees, took off his coat and the vest and surrendered to the security guards, who kept him there at gunpoint until the police came.

He turned out to be a Pakistani student here on an expired visa looking top kill Americans. He told authorities he was having second thoughts and when Allah “hit him in the eye” he knew it was wrong and surrendered.

That wasn’t Allah, Habib. That was Nathan Mallard, the 12-year-old American hero. The terrorist will likely never regain vision in his right eye.

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