Chelsea Clinton Is ‘Ending Her Relationship’ With The Clinton Foundation

A Spokesman for the Clinton Foundation announced this morning that they would actively seek a new CEO after Chelsea Clinton decided to part ways with them. The move came as soon as the Justice Department announced a new investigation into the illegal exporting of uranium to Russia.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have already distanced themselves from the foundation, will have to answer questions about their dealings with foreign countries, illegal campaign contributions and pay for play service with the US State Department under Hillary’s tenure.

Chelsea, who had little to nothing to do with any international dealings during that time, is presumably not guilty of those crimes, making her departure an easy decision:

“Ms. Clinton has obtained counsel and is working together with the US Attorney to aid in the investigation. She continues to contend that this is a witch-hunt to distract the American people from the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia.

The Clintons are the shiny object the lunatics on the right need to point at. They have the attention span of gnats.”

Chelsea’s lawyer says she has nothing to worry about. We’ll just see about that.

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