April Ryan Tells Conservative He Has No Right To An Opinion On Immigration Because He’s From Ireland

CNN contributor April Ryan had an intense face-off with Conservative panelist Stephen Moore about immigration. April Ryan eventually told Moore to shut up because he wasn’t “born in this country.”

“I would love to see an agreement that legalizes some of these folks, that provides a more skill based system so that we get the immigrants we need,” argued Moore. “See?! Did you hear this? ‘The immigrants we need.’ But see, again, that’s the point… [Trump] is demonizing immigrants,” responded Ryan.

“You have more white Americans on welfare than you have any other group. Your arguments have holes in them, I am so sorry — and they are very biased,” said Ryan even though the only reason that is true is that there are more white people than any other race in America.

“Immigrants should not be able to go into the country and go on food stamps, that’s ridiculous. That’s the whole history of our country,” said Moore. Then Ryan got ugly. “You were not born in this country!” shouted Ryan.

Except, Moore actually was born in Chicago, but her point was that his ancestors immigrated here. “I’m Irish,” Moore replied. Why are liberals so clueless when it comes to immigration?

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